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11 Bad Morning Habits That Damage Your Life - Abbaxi Writes


The period of time between midnight and noon especially from sunrise to noon is the morning time. Morning time is the best time. Every thing is quite and noiseless. A cool breeze blows. We all know that health is wealth and it's the morning time when we are free to exercise. Morning time is best for exercise and for our other work. Best concentration time is the morning time we can do everything peacefully.


Bad Morning Habits can affect our life negatively. That is why make sure to remove bad morning habits as much as possibly replacing them with better one. These habits can impact our your health in a very bad way not just for a short term but for a long term as well. There are many bad habits that we know are bad for us, while there are many which we do not even know are bad, but they are evil for our health. We need to skip all and morning habits to make our life's better, healthier and happy.


There are many bad morning habits that can damage our life's in a very bad way. We all need to skip these habits to make our life healthy and happy. Bad habits can affect our life negatively not only for short time but as well as for long term that is why make sure to remove these bad habits as much as possible by replacing them with better one to live a healthy life.


It's quite easy to convince your self to just 5 more minutes of sleep when your alarm clock goes off. But the hard truth is that you are setting yourself up for failure before your day has even started. You set your alarm clock for a reason so if you don't get up when the alarm clock sounds you have failed your first mission and you will start your day with a failure.

Study shows that your day will feel extremely groggy and you will feel fatigue if you are hitting the snooze button on daily basis. This is due to the fact that fragmented sleep is harmful to our health.
Fragmented sleep had the detrimental effect mood, attention span and cognitive capacity as limiting sleep to four hour per night. Try to go to bed early instead of hammering down on that sneeze button for a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.


Routines, routines since we all need them, the same rings true to what time to wake up each morning. This is because a consistent time to wake up each day is very important to maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and healthy life. The great reason is that, it's not only make it such easier for us to wake in the morning but if we have set morning time to follow it will also help us to build fixed sleep schedule. If you sleep less than 7 hours you are getting burned out or feelings the effect of morning fatigue daily basis. Making sure that you are waking up at the same time every single morning.


Having the right light source at your aid will help soothe melatonin production, increase the out put of serotonin, and clear the sensation of feeling groggy and fatigue in the morning. You must get your strong dose of sunshine to maintain a stable and balanced circadian rhythm as well. Natural light is definitely healthiest, but a good sunlight lamp will work just as well.


Skipping the morning breakfast may seem for the first to three hour, but as the day goes in your hanger pans could leads you in the wrong direction. Having a breakfast in the morning will help you anticipate your morning routine for the reminder of the day. Breakfast have many advantages on health. Breakfast help you control your weight. Breakfast boost brain power. Breakfast help you to make better food Choice.

Additionally consuming a prepared breakfast in the morning will help you anticipate your eating routine for the remainder of the day. So do yourself a service and benefit from nourishing your body right in the morning time.


Along beside harmful to your mental health and an unwitting way to lose track of time scrolling through your social media right after waking up is a big No, especially if you would like to accomplish Notre before noon. Experts says that you need to let your brain wake up on its instead of diving nose first into the busy outside world first thing.

Doing so your will not only help save your energy but will have more time to focus clearly on the things that matter and start your day. Checking phone in the early morning has many harmful effects on your brain so your morning should be protected from the chaos of the world. The morning time is your time to spend with your self and make your self as ready as possible to meet the world.


It's so easy to being caught up in the negative thinking in the  morning especially when you are tried, feel overwhelmed by all the work of the day, or feel stressed. Stay positive and all shall be fine. Positivity is everything. Being positive is actually a necessity to have a healthy body.

One should never stress in the thing that they are so lonely, the have no Friends, they have many problems in life and so on. This way you become stressed mentally and stress has physical repercussions too as it can weaken your immunity.


Smoking is a very bad habit especially in the morning it has very bad effect on your body. It will damage our body in different ways and weaken our immune system. We all know that smoking kills.
Even if you are not a chain smoker and smoke only a cigarette a day, you still have clot in your blood. 

This can develop plaques in the arteries by preventing smooth flow of blood in the body. It is not only harmful for the smokers but it also affect the person who lives with you in a very bad way. we all know that smoking is a very bad habit it affect our body in a very bad way and cause many different diseases like cancer, ulcer in our body so try to avoid smoking as much as you can.


We all know that junk food is bad but still, do we refrain from eating it. If you binge on junk everyday, or even twice a week your body is at risk. Fast food have a very high propositions of sugar, preservatives fat and spices. If you eat junk too often you have many problems like diabetes, sugar, high cholesterol and many heart problems. Junk food is also known to harden the arteries and increase the plaque deposit in your body. Hence you must stop eating junk and switch to a diet that is nutrition and nit cause any such problems.


To have a powerful morning routine and to have a good jump on your day, it goes without saying that you first have to change few morning bad habits. Yet more often than not, a lot of people tend to put being international on the back burner of their morning routine. However having a right frame of mind is one of absolute best way to start the day. To achieve this you can choose to believe in a higher power that can transform your life through prayers or Set an intention. Either way these habits will help you to reach the right frame of mind and be more positive for the rest of the day.


I see two different effects on starting your morning in a rush. You feel stressed and forced to get going with your day. You feel like you are behind your schedule and that life in some senses tries to outrun you. You feel the adrenaline kick on being short on times which makes you impressively effective in doing things in the shortest time possible. You feel like a lottery winner every time you caught the bus at the last time. I have experienced both of them, while the last one has an aspect of excitement to it, they both result in unnecessary tension and energy use.


The classic habit of making your bed first thing in the morning still goes strong. Easy to miss but will often be your first win of the day. It's just nice to start with a neat little one. It setup you for more wins in a day. Might sounds little silly but psychology of framing yourself for success as early as possible in the day will have a huge impact on the rest of the day.

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