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9 Amazing Morning Habits For Healthy Mind - Abbaxi Writes



The period of time between midnight and noon especially from sunrise to noon is the morning time. It is very precious fresh and beautiful time.




Brain is very important part of our body. If our  brain is healthy so our all parts of body will function properly. Brain also have different parts and needs energy and nourishment. By doing difference exercises blood will properly circulate in all parts of brain in this way we have a healthy brain. If our brain is not working in a proper way our all systems will be disturbed. So brain is the main and very important  part of our body so we need to give  proper energy  and nourishment to our brain for it's proper functioning.


Your first walking minutes are about clearing cobwebs of sleep from your mind and getting your brain focused and revved up for the day. However you prep your mind and body during first those minutes is the key to putting yourself in the right mindset and fresh mind. If we lock in a good morning routine we have a good body and fresh brain.



By following these simple steps we have fresh mind and  strong body.


The first requirement for healthy body and fresh brain is to wake up between 10 pm and 12 am the quality of our sleep is increased and it provide various benefits like increased level of energy , improved congitive functions, and better memory. To wake up early you have to get into bed at decent hours. If we apply this morning routine in our life's we can get several benefits and have fresh and healthy brain so we can do our daily things properly.


Morning walk is very precious thing for healthy brain. If we can do morning walk every day we don't even get a good health but it also provide us a fresh and healthy brain so we can do all our thing in a proper way. It also provide us several other benefits along with fresh mind.


Exercise is another extremely positive way  of managing your energy. By managing our energy our mind will work in a proper way. Stress is energy too but is a negative one. If you exercise each morning your days wont go stressful because your mind is ready to tackle the situation that will arise. Exercise is absolutely must to have a fresh mind.



Staring your day with the balances protein packed breakfast  does just fill your empty stomach but it also provide us healthy brain and many more others advantages. It also energizes you and provide fuel for the whole day. Healthy breakfast include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and proteins like egg and yogurt. A balanced breakfast also include coffee, green tea or black tea. If you want to stay healthy and have fresh mind you have to eat a nutrition breakfast. It energizes us and give energy to our brains so brain can work properly and we can do all our things in a right way.



Even if your brain seems to be screaming for coffee as soon as you open your eyes what your mind and body will really need is water. Water does wonder for healthy brain and body. An adult body is composed of 55 to 60 percent of water so making sure you get enough is absolutely vital to ensuring your mind and body funny properly.  In the morning your body will be little dehydrated because your body haven't had anything for eight hours. Staring the day by drinking large amount of water to have a fresh mind and healthy body. It also reduces the risk of many diseases. It also reduces the risk of stomach acid and reduce a symptoms of heartburn. Staring your day by hydrating is a great way to clear your mind.



Most of the time we Don't even think about breathing. Our lungs do their thing and inhale / exhale all day long. Research shows that changing our breathing pattern to take 6 to 10 deep breath per minute restore balance to our stress response system. It reduces anxiety and depression and reduces the risk of diseases. It also improve our mental concentration and keep our mind calm and fresh all the day long. The idea is that our mind and breath mirror each other. A quite mind leads to quite breathing so when we learn to regulate our breathing we can influence both our physical and mental state. This can help us more to keep our mind calm and fresh .



Stretching after sleep instantly makes you feel better and helps your muscles wake up and begin to function more efficiently. It also have good effect on our brain. By doing this we all have a healthy brain. By doing some simple stretches first doing in the morning can help us with muscles tightness and joint stiffness as well as enhance your circulation and increase body flexibility. These easy morning stretches are a powerful way to give your mind a natural boost and wake up your central nervous system. It also regulate the circulation of blood to all parts of brain. So All a parts of brain can work properly and we have a healthy brain. 


When we take time to give thanks and be grateful for all  what we have we are happier and less anxious and our relationship improve so automatically our brain work in a right way and we have a healthy brain. Take a few minutes every morning to give thanks to Allah this will help us to keep our mind fresh and calm. There are countless things in our lives that we take for granted. Taking a few minutes every morning to remind yourself of how awesome your life is, even during blackest and darkest of times, will instantly flick the positivity switch in your brain. Doing this boost the feeling of joy and contentment and lowers the risk of stress and anxiety and we have a healthy brain. By doing this exercise your mind will feel clear, fresh and ready to focus.


This step can be done quickly ,but it's the key to moving confidently into your day. Take one or two minutes to imagine the day ahead and all the big and little things you have to accomplished by doing this our brain is not tackled in other things but ready to focus on important things and not have more burden on brain in this way we have a healthy brain. By simply spending a few minutes visualizing what you want to achieve today and over the long term you will give yourself a plan to follow in seeing these goals accomplished in real life. This may not always go as you imagined but at least you will have a roadmap of where you are going and how you plan different situation so our brain will not have to work more and we have a healthy brain.

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